Best things about Fantailcest:

  • Public affection is a nono, but Yuuya sneaks in hugs and kisses anyway and Sakuya gets mad because WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES???
  • Sakuya actually thinks it’s a bit exciting
  • Yuuya is a terrible influence (skipping classes, sleeping in etc)
  • Sakuya takes it upon himself to try and sort out Yuuya who can’t take care of himself or his grades
  • Unconditional support from both sides, because both of them are very serious about the things and people they love
  • Yuuya will not rest until Sakuya is where he wants to be in life
  • In the end Sakuya has Yuuya wrapped around his finger, whether he wants that or not
  • Grumpy tsundere asshole + Cheerful and affectionate asshole = The best thing

Worst things about Fantailcest:

  • They can never really be together unless they somehow hide their identities and move where no one recognises them/can find them
  • If you aren’t comfortable with sibling incest then obviously this isn’t for you

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