I’m not quite sure how I got here to begin with but for the past like week I have been absolutely stuck in nostalgia hell with FF3 (@´_`@) IT’S BEEN REALLY REALLY AMAZING THOUGH it’s always been a special game to me.  I haven’t really touched it in years so going back to revisit it has been really fun aorihg especially since I never beat it when I was younger (because I was stupid uuuu) SO I REALLY WANTED TO DRAW SOMETHING IN HONOR OF IT…

I’ve actually had this idea for the past few days and when I started it earlier today it was really rough and I was struggling with it so I almost gave up BUT I KEPT PRESSING ON and I’m pretty happy with it!! I don’t play with hats very often so it was a challenge trying to get it to sit and look right but it didn’t turn out too bad.  It was good practice!  His freckles were my favorite of all to put in though because my precious freckles baby (●´艸`)ヾ


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